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About Liquid Screed

Precision. Punctuality. Commitment to excellence.

When it comes to liquid screed, there are so many advantages to choose it above less versatile material.

Some screeds can often be difficult to pump and lead to anomalies in its composition, but this is not the case with the liquid variety as its water-based properties allow for a smooth flow. If you’re working towards a timeframe, there’s no other kind of screed that can match in terms of efficiency as there are so many plus points for opting for it.

Liquid screed can also be used across a range of different environments and its versatility during construction work, whether for commercial or industrial applications, has been proven time and time again. Whether the intention is to use liquid screed for large or small scale, its properties remain the same and as durable as ever.

When you compare it to the traditional sand and cement techniques, there is only one clear winner. As well as offering much more dimensional stability when used in your working area, it dries at an accelerated rate and is completely fine to walk on within the space of 48 hours.

Additionally, when you use cement, you can sometimes lack assurance when it comes to its longevity, especially so shortly after it’s been applied. Should you be walking on a concrete surface which has just been laid, you run the risk of “scarring” its surface and leaving footmarks. With liquid screed, you can be rest assured of a more robust and less mark-able ground.

Pump It Floor Screeds are able to supply our liquid solutions to business and people all across the North and North West including North Wales, Mid Wales, Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Wrexham, Stafford and more.

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